first date does and don’ts.

getting the mystery too quickly in a date by talking too much about yourself can quickly lose her interest. you might wanna read more here first because the mystery and intrigue can make a woman feel more stronger about seeing another guy in the next few days. date can end up very quickly when there is no mystery left to uncover. people often are very judgmental. and not revealing all of the cards that a guy has can quickly keep him from doing anything that he might regret at the end of the day. there are some things that are hard to deal with and one of it is when a girl shows that she is not interested at all. drinking in a first date is also risky and bit recommended.

it can be more serious move when a guy recommends a woman to drink. it can make her feel a lot of things and may start to get suspicious. it can all start by not drinking at all. staying away from drinks especially a first date can easily make things a lot better. it can help make the right decisions and does not scare away a lady at all. not also recommending a woman to drink is a way to make her feel safe and not threatened. there is a lot of people that is going in a date for all the wrong reason. that’s why it can make a woman in the defensive if she is start to notice that a guy is trying to get her drunk. there is always going to be factors that can ruin in a date. a guy might have received bad news after just going in a date but can make him on a bad mood and easily ruin a date. it is hard to have fun and get to know a lady when a guy is in a bad mood because he was not able to deal with his problems outside on a date. having a positive attitude always makes a huge difference. it can help lot of things to come in a better way. asking a lady about his weight or age is also very uncomfortable.

it is an insensitive question that might be able to insult a lady. a lady cares a lot about how she looks and how thin of fat she is. whenever a guy asks her that, it can make her feel that she is not beautiful or fat. age is also putting a lot of negative energy out there. age should not really matter especially if she is older. it can be a topic moving forward. but when it is the first date. doing everything that a person could to avoid it always helps. keeping a person happy and engage can mean that she must not feel like she is being judge especially by the appearance and age. it can easily ruin any chance of moving forward because it can make a guy seem like a very shallow and insensitive individual at the end of the day.

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