How do I plan a baby shower?

It is not long before the birth of your child and you want to use the time to enjoy the new citizen of the earth together with friends and family. Or maybe you are looking for an opportunity to reveal the gender of your baby in a festive setting, like our blogger Petra did at her gender-reveal party. A baby party or babyshower is definitely a great idea to celebrate with friends and have a good time.

You can plan your diaper party yourself or you can ask friends to do it for you. Or maybe your friends plan a surprise baby shower for you. If that is the case, the preparations are of course top-secret. Otherwise it is a good idea to include the expectant mother in the planning, because this way she can express wishes and you can make sure that the babyshower will be a complete success.

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Here are some useful tips and information for a successful party

  • Timely planning is essential
  • it is more fun in a team
  • Meeting in advance to collect ideas
  • make check lists – so nothing is forgotten
  • a distribution of tasks provides structure
  • the well-being of pregnant women is the focus
  • a guest list provides an overview
  • a fixed budget is reasonable
  • send out the invitations early
  • the food preparation is best divided
  • Wish or gift lists bring ideas
  • researches entertaining games in advance
  • great decoration is simply self-made

The Checklist

before the baby shower:

  • Should it be a surprise party?
  • Create a guest list
  • Set appointment
  • Selecting premises (Are there enough tables and chairs?)
  • Design and send out invitations with directions
  • Planning food and drinks and distributing preparation
  • Select games and get the necessary materials
  • Create gift list and distribute it to the guests
  • make or buy your own gift
  • Planning decoration and buying materials
  • Organize small gifts for guests
  • Select background music

one the day of the baby party

  • Preparing food and drinks
  • Decorate rooms
  • make sure that the expectant mother does not have to worry about anything

The Decoration

So that it does not become multicolored, a topic or motto should be selected. If the sex of the baby is already known, you can also keep the decoration in pink or blue. Or you can choose a completely different color, for example a fresh lemon yellow. Whatever the decision is, it looks especially great if the interior design and also the food and drinks are uniform. It’s best to design the invitations according to the theme and make the guests aware of it – this way the baby party will surely be a great success.

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