Fix: Windows needs your current credentials error

For example, let’s say that every time you log on to Windows, Windows prompts you for your current credentials. The message is displayed in the lower right corner. However, if you log in with your password, lock the screen and try to log in again, it will come back unexpectedly. This can be very annoying and make you regret that you never fully pressed the start button on your machine.

It looks like we have a mistake in our hands. Bug with accounts with a password or pin code. We know this error can be annoying, but we have several solutions ahead of us.

Confirm your account

Some users claim that you can fix Windows simply by checking your account. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Right click on your user profile.
  • Go to the “Change Account Settings” section.
  • Access your information.
  • Click the “Confirm” link and you will be taken to a series of onscreen instructions that you must follow to complete the process.
  • Reboot your device after completing the verification process.

Update your Windows 10 system

You already know that you can no longer use Windows 10 Home to uninstall Windows, which requires your current credentials. If you’re using Windows 10 Home, this section is for you. Just follow these very simple steps. The process takes a little time, that’s all.

1] Go to Settings.
2] Go to the “Update & Security” section, then “Activation”.
3] In the right pane of the activation window, click the Change Product Key option.
4] Click “Yes” in the “User Account Control” pop-up window.
5] Enter the product key request “VK7JG_NPHTM_C97JM_9MPGT_3V66T” in the space provided. This is the standard product key for a free upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro to try or test. The operating system is up to date, but your copy of Windows 10 Pro won’t activate.
6] In the next step, you will find the Start Update button. Click on it and wait for the system to shutdown and restart. You will see a message:

“Work on updates
<__% complete>
Do not turn off your computer. “
7] After patiently waiting for the process to complete, you will see a similar screen for adding functions. Again, your job is here – just wait until it is 100% complete.

8] The next step is to sign in to the updated version of Windows 10 Pro Edition. You see the message:

Release update completed

Everything is ready and your computer is ready to use. “

9] After the update is complete, you can open the activation screen from the Settings app and check the current problem. You need a real key to activate Windows 10 Pro.

Now that you are ready to get rid of basic Windows, you need the current credential error. Let’s get back to the solution.